The National Dog Show

Did you know? The first recorded official showing of the Newfoundland was at the National Dog Show in 1860?

The National Dog Show has been organised by the Birmingham Dog Show Society since its inception in 1859.
Today in 2023, the Society is just as determined to keep up with modern day needs as it was when exhibition of dogs was a new sport. 

Modern day exhibitors and participants expect extremely high standards at dog shows – large rings, good layout and modern facilities. In the early days sawdust was the norm for the floor, the dogs were paraded between the benches and held by stewards while being judged. Lady exhibitors complained if there was too much wet floorcovering because of their flowing skirts. Oh how times have changed!

The Future
Since 2002, the Society has used all the available ring space in the halls combining this with large outside marquees. Each year the committee, ever mindful of the needs of the exhibitors, manipulate the space to suit the entries and make as much space available as possible